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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods are available? Can I pay by check or money order?

    For "in stock" items, payment methods include all major credit and debit cards (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and more). All credit/debit card processing is handled securely through PayPal. You DO NOT need to have or create a PayPal account in order to complete the checkout process.

    At this time, we do not accept any other payment methods, including checks or money orders.

  • I see three volumes of leather-bound books in a set of scriptures, but six different books in the print-on-demand formats. Do they all contain the same content? Why is there a difference?

    The Print-on-Demand (POD) publishers have specific limits to the number of pages their presses can print on demand. Because all three volumes of the RE scriptures are too lengthy to print using most POD machines, each volume was split into two books, for a total of 6 individually printed and bound items.

    The leather-bound scriptures are custom-made by special order, so they don't have the page limit restrictions inherent with POD printers. So, these leather RE scriptures will retain the original 3-volume layout of The Old Covenants, The New Covenants, and Teachings and Commandments as originally envisioned by Joseph Smith, and ratified by the body of believers. A Glossary of Gospel Terms has also been added to the Teachings and Commandments (T&C) as an appendix.

    Either way, when an entire set is purchased, both the POD and the special order versions include the same content, layout and formatting.

  • Will the location of actual text inside the volumes be in the same place in all volumes, sizes, and binding types?

    Significant effort has been made to allow the remarkable feat of having the same individual page layout across all print sizes, cover options, and publishers. Although the content is exactly the same, the 6-book print-on-demand (POD) volumes do not have matching page numbers when compared with the 3-volume special-order sets.

  • Can I change my order for leather-bound products?

    Because all leather-bound Scriptures and Stick of Joseph books are custom-made, once your order has been placed and payment has been received, the Foundation cannot change or cancel your order, give any refunds or make any exchanges.


  • Will I receive the exact color and leather type that I ordered?

    Each special order item is unique and specifications may vary without prior notice. Your selections regarding materials, colors and other specifications are your preferences, and the items delivered to you will match your request as closely as possible. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SUBSTITUTE COLOR AND/OR LEATHER TYPE in your order, in the event that your specified preference is unavailable for delivery at the time your order is packed for shipping.

  • Will the product I receive be totally flawless and perfect in every way?

    Leather is a natural product from animal hides and therefore differs from hide to hide. Variations in the texture of the leather should not be considered a fault, but inherent of the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather.

    Leather will always have natural markings such as dents, scars, scratches, wrinkles or blemishes. These natural markings or irregularities should not be considered as a defect but rather indications of genuine leather. As a natural product, it is subject to wear and tear over time.

  • Do the pictures on the store reflect exactly what will be delivered?

    As every piece of leather is different and may accept color dyes a little differently during the tanning process, this may cause irregularities in the consistency and depth of the color. Further, due to photographic lighting sources or differences in device screen settings, we are unable to guarantee that the color you see on your screen will completely reflect the true color of the product at the time of delivery.

    Please Note: Just because products have the same color name, this does not mean they are the same exact color. Also, please don’t mistake the color name to be what you may think that color should be. Example, just because a color may have the name Cognac, that does not mean it will necessarily look like what most people would consider to be Cognac in color. Further, two different leather hides dyed the same Cognac color may not match one another.

  • Will you ship internationally?

    Yes. For orders that are scheduled to be shipped from the USA to a foreign country, please note the following:

    You may be required to pay taxes, duties, tariffs or other processing fees in addition to the postage necessary to have the product delivered to your address. The Restoration Scriptures Foundation is not liable for any additional amounts that must be paid over and above postage in order to accomplish final delivery to your door. Laws and regulations vary from country to country, so please check with your local and national authorities for more information.

    International shipments will be sent by the US Postal Service or by other common carrier, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or courier. We will email you a tracking number at the time your shipment is dispatched. Please use that tracking number to learn the status of your shipment as it proceeds through customs for entry into your country, and contact the carrier to promptly provide any information necessary to complete customs clearance into your country.

  • How long after I place an order will my scriptures arrive?

    Your order will be shipped as soon as possible. Unless otherwise indicated as a "pre-order" item, only "in-stock" items are offered for purchase on this website.

    Please note that all work is being performed by volunteers. It may take several days or even weeks to pack and ship all orders, depending upon timing and demand. Please be patient and understand that placing an order today does not mean your order will ship immediately, nor will it arrive in 2 days. Once your order does ship, you will receive an email notice with tracking information for the shipment.

  • Who gets profits from these books?

    Everything offered on is offered as a service for honest seekers and scripture readers. is not set up to generate profits. In fact, no profits are anticipated, only losses. However, we do try our best to keep everything in balance. We believe that doing the work of God requires sacrifice, so related efforts are provided on a volunteer basis without compensation.

    You may notice that prices are unbelievably low for books of this outstanding quality. That is because much of the development and production of these scriptures has been subsidized by volunteers who have made generous donations of time and money, and because the Restoration Scriptures Foundation does not desire to earn a profit from the word of God. Although many of the hard costs involved with making these scriptures are already known, some variable costs such as freight, packaging, and postage cannot be known until the time when your order is actually delivered to you. We have estimated those costs and included them in the quoted price. In the event that we end up with a shortfall, several generous people have offered to pay to cover it privately. However, in the event that we end up with an overage after all orders are filled, we plan to donate it to the temple fund.

    If for any reason you believe the prices listed for the leather-bound scriptures are unreasonably high, we invite you to shop elsewhere or to download the RE scriptures for free, and have them printed and bound yourself.

  • What if I am not able to afford a set of scriptures?

    Several generous individuals have donated scriptures sets for those who cannot afford them. If you are unable to afford them, please contact us using the "Contact" form and indicate that you need a set but cannot pay for it. Please include your phone number so we can contact you to make arrangements to send you a set.

  • Do you affiliate with any Church or Religion?

    This website, the Restoration Scriptures Foundation, and the Restoration Archives are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any church.

  • Will there be more edits and changes to the contents of the scriptures?

    In March 2017, the Preview Edition of the scriptures were first published, and they were also made available online at They were then changed periodically as the work on the Restoration Edition of the scriptures progressed. The pace of changes slowed in 2018 and by April of 2019 they were in their final state. Though chapter and paragraph changes happened early on, it was determined by mid-2018 to no longer make any further adjustments to them. There was one exception in early 2019 when it was noticed that the paragraphing of the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon in Bountiful were not in sync, as well as some of the Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon with those in the Old Covenants. Those were synced and all paragraph adjusting has ceased.

    The only changes happening now to the text are random typos and other errors that are noticed by readers or by those who worked on the text and the corrections are being implemented, typically adding/deleting a letter. A comprehensive list of these corrections are available on, which also has the most up-to-date version of the text of all volumes. Future editions will likely include these minor corrections, together with any other material that the Lord indicates should added to additional volumes of the T&C.

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