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Leather-bound Scriptures

The store will open for live orders on
August 3, 2021 at 12:00 noon Pacific time
(1:00 pm Mountain time)

Exciting News! Leather-bound scriptures sets will be open for sale, starting soon!

The most common question we receive is this: Can I still buy a set of scriptures?

Answer: We do expect to have some scripture sets available for purchase. Anyone interested in purchasing any of the extra available books should sign up to receive email notifications (if you aren’t already). That is where the announcement will first be available that the shop is re-open for orders.

Why do we need to wait? Because the original ordering window was for pre-orders only, we need to make sure that all pre-orders and completed before we can inventory what is left and is still available for sale. The shop will not re-open until all original orders are picked, packed, and distributed. This process will take time, thank you for your patience with this!

How can I be sure I will be able to place an order before the scriptures sell out? There will be an announcement published BEFORE the shop opens announcing WHEN the shop will open for new orders. We expect this will allow word to spread and people to all be equal in purchasing the remaining inventory.

How many additional leather-bound sets will be available? What are the options on these? Until we know how much extra inventory we have, we do not know what will be available for sale. The publication committee really hopes that those who did not have the opportunity to place a pre-order will be given the courtesy of purchasing first, while those who could have pre-ordered but chose not to will wait to make sure more pressing needs are met first.

Please check the News Section for progress updates, or click below to Get Update Notifications via email.

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