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The leather-bound scriptures are in transit, heading our direction! We anticipate it will arrive in the USA shortly (less than 2 weeks). Following arrival, the shipment will need to clear customs, then it will be “transloaded” onto a truck and dispatched from the East Coast to Boise. 

The distribution team has reviewed every order, and they are preparing for delivery. As we indicated before, most orders will be dispatched to local distribution points for pick-up. Those locations and dates will be announced soon. 

Those orders heading to areas outside the Western US will generally be sent by mail. If you have changed your address, and have not yet notified us, and are not able to pick up your order from a distribution point, please notify us of your new address ASAP via the contact form in scriptures.shop. 

Regarding ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURES SETS: After all pre-orders have been fulfilled, we'll take an inventory of the remaining available sets, and prepare a place on scriptures.shop where those who have not yet placed an order, or who desire additional sets, can purchase the remaining stock. Depending on demand, it's possible a second leather-bound printing pre-order could take place in the future. For now we'll wait and see what the demand looks like compared to the available inventory from this first order.

Print-on-demand Restoration Edition scriptures will continue to be available in a variety of sizes and bindings through scriptures.shop as well as digitally online for free at scriptures.info.

To everyone involved, we express our deepest gratitude for your contributions, your dedication, your encouragement, your skill, and your patience.


Teachings of Denver Snuffer, Volume 6: 2019 (TDS6) has just been released! It is available in many different formats here: Scriptures.shop It is also available as a free download here: restorationarchives.com/library/snuffer.php

"One day, we will wish we had hit “print” on all of the materials of the Restoration"
--Denver Snuffer

Starting in 2007 with "The Road to Emmaus," Denver has prepared and delivered to audiences around the world an astonishing number of lectures, conference addresses, papers, discussions and Q&A sessions, all related to one topic:

I’ve only been giving one talk. Admittedly it's long, admittedly it fills millions of words in English, but it’s one talk. I’ve been addressing one subject from the beginning until now; it is all one great whole. I’ve talked a little about, and pushed a little further back, understanding about some things related to Zion today. (Denver Snuffer, Zion Will Come, April 10, 2016)

The Teachings of Denver Snuffer (TDS) book series consists of six volumes thus far, and includes every paper, lecture, discussion and Q&A session given or released from 2007-2019, excepting only certain lectures that will be included in an upcoming book for the general Christian audience. When combined with the RE Scriptures, his books and blog, it constitutes a complete collection of Denver's public work.

The TDS series makes it easy and inexpensive to "hit print." Today might be a good day to review your library, and add any missing volumes.  

Regarding Volume 7 (covering 2020-2021), we anticipate that it will be released in 2022.

ALSO - if you are aware of any transcripts, audio recordings, papers, or any other public materials that the Archive may not already have, please contact us so we can arrange to include them. Thanks!


The Restoration Edition of the Book of Mormon is now available as an audio book, in Podcast format, for your convenience! It’s free, and available here: https://bookofmormonaudio.com

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