December 2020 Update

Thank you all for your many prayers, offers to assist, and your patience as we all continue to press forward through this new and unpredictable business environment. 

Although progress continues on binding the scriptures, it was slowed significantly following our last update due to increased COVID activity that culminated in a government lockdown of the entire city where the bookbinder operates. The resulting interruption, combined with holidays and other labor issues (people there are scared of COVID just like everywhere else), slowed everything to a crawl, and it’s just now starting to pick back up. So, it’s not going to be possible to complete everything before the end of the year as it stands now. 

The good news is that over the past few days, the production rate has increased, and we seem to be back on track for completion in a reasonable amount of time. We are pushing hard for completion, but also we are insisting on highest quality rather than fastest production speed. 

We will continue to post updates on scriptures.shop as we reach milestones in the completion and delivery of the leather scriptures. With each major update, we also send email updates to everyone who signed up for notifications on scriptures.shop. If you signed up, then you have probably been receiving email updates along the way. If you have not signed up for email updates, you can do so here. If you think you have already signed up, but you have not received the email updates, please check your spam or junk folders. 

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Please continue to remember this project in your prayers as we continue pushing forward to complete as soon as possible. 

Print-on-demand Restoration Edition scriptures will continue to be available in various sizes and bindings through www.scriptures.shop as well as digitally online for free at www.scriptures.info.  Past updates on the leather-bound special order can be found here: https://scriptures.shop/news/

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