Delivery Update

The Special Order of leather-bound edition of the Restoration Edition Scriptures has arrived! 
The scriptures, journals, Stick of Joseph books, and totes have all been received, unpacked, sorted, inspected, and shelved. Over 1,000 orders have been picked and packed for delivery. Delivery is now underway and below are a few additional details to ensure everyone is informed and aware of how you will receive your order.    


Major drop off points have been established for Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.  You should have already received a communication about when and where you have the option to pick up your order. If you have not received an e-mail about pickup dates for your particular area by Thursday June 17th please reach out to Sheri Linnarz at slinnarztlc@gmail.com.


For those picking up in Sandy, the date is this coming Saturday, June 19th. Pick up address is 10885 S State Street in Sandy Utah.  Please come between 10am-2pm, we will be in the BACK parking lot.

For those who can, pickup is preferred. Where pickup is not an option, and for International Orders, we will send them via US mail. All mailed orders will begin shipping after delivery to the major drop-off points has been completed.


These totes have been custom-made to fit the RE Scriptures, by the same artisans and using the same buffalo leather as the scriptures, for maximum durability and protection. There are only a few totes remaining. If you haven’t ordered one but would like to, you can get them here: REscriptures.com.


Since the leather-bound edition of the scriptures was sent for publishing, various small edits made by Joseph Smith in the original JST manuscripts were discovered, along with a few typos or other minor edits. These have been carefully documented and recorded and are available for anyone to see at any time. They can be found here on the Change tracking page of scriptures.info. There is also a downloadable PDF of the same information on this page, for those who would like a printed version.  

All the changes will be included in any future printing of the scriptures, but if you would like to update your existing copy manually now, the information to do so is above. Each change is assigned a number, which begins at 1.000. The change tracking webpage has a column of information showing the textual change that corresponds to each number. The current number as of this writing is V1.309.

The Print on Demand (paperback/hardback) books have had many of these changes already incorporated since they are printed more frequently. You can identify which changes your book does or does not have, regardless of binding type, by looking at the copyright page and noting the Text Version Number.  The leather-bound edition currently being distributed is Text V1.000. 


If you are interested in additional leather-bound sets, or did not place an order during the original pre-order window, the scriptures.shop online store will open for new orders once the pre-paid orders have been delivered. New orders will be limited to whatever inventory is left on hand after the prepaid orders have been fulfilled. We will release another announcement about what is available in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on your email for details.  

Thank you again for all of your support, prayers, and patience along the way!  We hope you find light, truth, and joy in these Restoration Edition Scriptures. 

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