July 2021 Scripture Update

Thank you to everyone who has been contacting the Foundation on scriptures.shop, expressing appreciation for the scriptures and the blessings that they are in your lives. We love hearing your stories, but we wish to put the praise where it is really intended: to God. 

We praise God for working with all of us as a people, for leading the scripture committee in the recovery efforts, the publication committee in the publishing efforts, and inspiring each one of us to take these scriptures seriously. We hope we can all be the faithful ones who receive God’s words, obey his voice, covenant with him, and abide his law. 

We are excited to report that the leather-bound scripture distribution is complete. There may be a few orders outstanding that have not yet been delivered, or picked up from a local fellowship, but all orders have been dispatched. 

There have been rumors circulating (yes, they get back to us) about flaws or major errors in the books. The truth is that the manufacturer defect rate so far reported has been running less than 1%, which is actually better than expected for our first major production run, and is in line with industry norms. In those situations where major manufacturing defects have been reported, the bookbinder is happy to repair or replace those books at no charge. If you come across a major defect, please report it on the “contact us” form at scriptures.shop as soon as possible.

Now, by far the biggest question on everyone’s mind is this: 


We are thrilled to provide an update about this today!

First, some background: 

At the close of the pre-order purchase window in 2019, a group of individuals got together and formed a plan that they called the “Perpetual Scripture Fund.” The idea of this fund was to pool resources together into the fund and use that money to purchase an additional quantity of scriptures that could be held in “inventory” after the pre-order sales were complete. This additional inventory would then be made available to those who were not aware of the pre-order opportunity, or were not interested at that time but may be interested now.

Additionally, the expectation was that the additional sets of scriptures which were purchased by the fund would be sold and the proceeds of the sales would replenish the fund. This would allow the Restoration Scriptures Foundation to use this fund as a starter budget for a future second-printing of the leather-bound scriptures, hence the “perpetual” application of the fund.


So, with this background, the Foundation is now ready to announce that we will be making these additional sets of scriptures available for sale in the coming weeks. Our tentative target is the first week of August. We will have more announcements as we get closer to this time, including what will be available and the price people should expect to pay. Since the specific purpose of the scripture fund is to purchase future sets of scriptures, not to recover the costs from past purchases, we do expect there to be a modest price increase compared with the pre-order prices, due to higher current costs than what we saw in 2019. 

We don’t know what to anticipate when it comes to demand for these scriptures. We do know there are a significant number of people who have inquired about getting more, but we do not know how long the inventory will last. With this in mind, we invite you each to consider the following:

1. If you were unaware of the Leather RE Scriptures in 2019 and/or you missed the opportunity to place a pre-order, please place your order immediately when the sales window opens. We want to make sure we have adequate inventory to cover your needs first. This is our highest priority.

2. If you already have a set of scriptures, or you had the opportunity to purchase a pre-order set and you chose not to, please wait at least 24 hours from when the sales window opens before placing an order for a new set of scriptures.

3. If you are purchasing scriptures for resale at a bookstore, or to hold inventory on your shelf for future posterity or archival desires, please be considerate and order small quantities, replenishing your stock only as needed. Also, be aware that we hope to place an order for a second printing at some point in the future. You are invited to participate in this at whatever quantity you would like, as we will work with the manufacturer to meet your needs directly.

Please pay attention to the announcements from the Foundation as we will be making more information available as we move through the process. 

Please bear in mind that the Foundation is not a business. We are all volunteers, contributing what time we have, in an effort to help everyone get really nice scriptures at the lowest cost possible. We don't have a paid staff, so please be patient with us as we work to respond to inquiries and questions.

We wish to thank you all, again, for your prayers and support over the past several years, both in the restoration efforts as well as the publication and printing work. 

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