March 2021 Update

The long-awaited day is here! The leather-bound scriptures are completed, packed, palletized, wrapped and ready to ship. Next step is for the freight company to pick everything up and carry it to the port, in preparation for the ocean transit. 

Transit should take 40-50 days, but could be longer depending upon congestion and other variables. Once they arrive in Boise, we will commence filling the orders. Most of the orders will be dispatched to local distribution points for pick-up. Those locations will be announced as we get closer to delivery. Those orders going to areas outside the Western US will generally be sent by mail. If you have changed your address, and have not yet notified us, and don't plan to pick up your order from a distribution point, please notify us of the address change ASAP via the contact form in Scriptures.shop. 

Once all orders have been fulfilled we'll then have a final count of the surplus sets and we'll prepare a place on scriptures.shop where those who have not yet placed an order, or who desire additional sets, can purchase the remaining stock. Depending on demand, it's possible a second leather-bound printing pre-order could take place in the future. For now we'll wait and see what the demand looks like compared to the available inventory from this first order. 

Print-on-demand Restoration Edition scriptures will continue to be available in a variety of sizes and bindings through scriptures.shop as well as digitally online for free at scriptures.info.  Past updates on the leather-bound special order can be found here: https://scriptures.shop/news/ 

To everyone involved, we express our deepest gratitude for your contributions, your dedication, your encouragement, your skill, and your patience.

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