October 2020 Update

We are so grateful for your ongoing support, your prayers, and your understanding as we all navigate through these unprecedented times.

Production of the leather scriptures sets was interrupted for a time in September due to a storm that caused a power surge, which damaged the gilding machine. Unfortunately, the damage was sufficient that it took nearly 3 weeks to get the parts and make the necessary repairs and calibrations to get it back into operation.

Although production continues to be slowed by lockdowns, lack of public transportation, and other significant impact caused by COVID-19, the bookbindery and their employees have persevered through it all. At this point, by the end of this month we expect that the books will have been completed, the entire shipment boxed, prepped and packaged, and loaded into the truck for the first leg of the long journey to the USA. We are exploring alternate transportation methods, to try to reduce the transit time as much as possible, because we know everyone would like to have them in time for Christmas if at all possible.

We will continue to post updates on scriptures.shop as we reach milestones in the completion and delivery of the leather scriptures special order. With each major update, we also send email updates to everyone who signed up for notifications on scriptures.shop. If you signed up, then you have probably been receiving email updates along the way. If you have not signed up for email updates, you can do so here. If you think you have already signed up, but you have not received the email updates, please check your spam or junk folders.

Thank you again for the patience and understanding, and we ask that you please continue to remember this project in your prayers as we continue working through the remaining work that needs to be completed.

Print-on-demand Restoration Edition scriptures will continue to be available in various sizes and bindings through www.scriptures.shop as well as digitally online for free at www.scriptures.info.  Past updates on the leather-bound special order can be found here: https://scriptures.shop/news/

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