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The Restoration Edition of the Scriptures

First Printing of the First Edition

Thank you for purchasing a leather-bound set of the Restoration Edition of the Scriptures. We hope that you will find joy in reading these volumes and that they will become a urim and thummim to you as you seek the Lord’s voice.

Please be aware that this first printing of the leather-bound Scriptures has been carefully prepared for you by a team of skilled craftspeople who have labored over each book individually. These volumes have not been manufactured in large quantities from a supplier who specializes in mass production. This was done to keep prices as low as possible while still maintaining the highest quality that could be produced.

Because these volumes of Scripture were not mass-produced, you may find small inconsistencies in your books, in the leather covers, or in the gilding. Just as each of us are unique individuals, we hope you will look for and embrace the unique things about your books. They will be what makes your book yours.

If you uncover larger mistakes that impact your ability to read the Scriptures, please reach out to the Restoration Scriptures Foundation, and we will make every effort to exchange or fix your books. Some errors that would be indicative of reaching out include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Binding is broken or pages are falling out

  • Pages are missing

  • Text is missing or unreadable

  • Covers are attached upside down

  • Scripture volumes are mis-matched (not the same color or skin)

If you find these types of errors, please go to scriptures.shop and use the Contact Us form to notify us no later than Sunday, July 4, 2021. After this date, the remaining inventory will be counted and prepared for sale to the public, and we will be limited in our options for replacement.

Reporting an issue does not necessarily mean that a replacement will be provided. Each case will be handled individually. It is as important for us to receive the feedback to pass along to the manufacturer as it is to remedy any problems. So, please report MAJOR issues even if you intend to keep the book and use it as it is. 

Thank you again for your patience, understanding, and support during this amazing time in the Restoration!

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