Remaining Stock of Leather-bound Scriptures Update

REMAINING STOCK OF SCRIPTURES SETS TO GO ON SALE NEXT WEEK At the close of the pre-order purchase window in 2019, a group of individuals created the “Perpetual Scripture Fund” (PSF) to purchase an additional quantity of scriptures that could be held in inventory and made available after the pre-order sales were complete. As these are sold, the proceeds replenish the fund, which will then be used to place the next order for printing RE Scriptures (hence the “perpetual” nature of the ...

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July 2021 Scripture Update

Thank you to everyone who has been contacting the Foundation on scriptures.shop, expressing appreciation for the scriptures and the blessings that they are in your lives. We love hearing your stories, but we wish to put the praise where it is really intended: to God. We praise God for working with all of us as a people, for leading the scripture committee in the recovery efforts, the publication committee in the publishing efforts, and inspiring each one of us to take these scriptures serio...

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Scripture Updates and Customer Service Info

The Restoration Edition of the Scriptures First Printing of the First Edition Thank you for purchasing a leather-bound set of the Restoration Edition of the Scriptures. We hope that you will find joy in reading these volumes and that they will become a urim and thummim to you as you seek the Lord’s voice. Please be aware that this first printing of the leather-bound Scriptures has been carefully prepared for you by a team of skilled craftspeople who have labored over each book individually. Th...

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Delivery Update

LEATHER SCRIPTURES:  The Special Order of leather-bound edition of the Restoration Edition Scriptures has arrived!  The scriptures, journals, Stick of Joseph books, and totes have all been received, unpacked, sorted, inspected, and shelved. Over 1,000 orders have been picked and packed for delivery. Delivery is now underway and below are a few additional details to ensure everyone is informed and aware of how you will receive your order.     DELIVERY POINT...

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June 2021 Update

LEATHER SCRIPTURES The leather scriptures have cleared customs, and are en route to Boise. Arrival is expected in Boise next week. Upon arrival, they will be checked in to our warehouse, then processing of orders will begin. It will take 1-2 weeks to pick and pack all orders, at which point distribution and shipping will begin. We expect all local pick-up distribution orders to be arranged and distributed first. Shipping will commence after the pick-up orders have been distributed. Please w...

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"Almost here…"

LEATHER-BOUND SCRIPTURES UPDATE The leather-bound scriptures are in transit, heading our direction! We anticipate it will arrive in the USA shortly (less than 2 weeks). Following arrival, the shipment will need to clear customs, then it will be “transloaded” onto a truck and dispatched from the East Coast to Boise. The distribution team has reviewed every order, and they are preparing for delivery. As we indicated before, most orders will be dispatched to local distribution points ...

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March 2021 Update

The long-awaited day is here! The leather-bound scriptures are completed, packed, palletized, wrapped and ready to ship. Next step is for the freight company to pick everything up and carry it to the port, in preparation for the ocean transit. Transit should take 40-50 days, but could be longer depending upon congestion and other variables. Once they arrive in Boise, we will commence filling the orders. Most of the orders will be dispatched to local distribution points for pick-up. Those lo...

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January 2021 Update

A beautiful sight! This is a pallet of nearly 700 completed buffalo hide Volume 1 books, stacked and drying. After drying for 48 hours, they are moved to the the next station where the leather is inspected, cleaned and conditioned by hand. Then they will move on to final QC, and from there they will be grouped with their counterparts, boxed, and prepped for shipping. We are so grateful for your continued prayers, patience, and offers to assist as we have continued to push through to complet...

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December 2020 Update

Thank you all for your many prayers, offers to assist, and your patience as we all continue to press forward through this new and unpredictable business environment. Although progress continues on binding the scriptures, it was slowed significantly following our last update due to increased COVID activity that culminated in a government lockdown of the entire city where the bookbinder operates. The resulting interruption, combined with holidays and other labor issues (people there are scare...

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October 2020 Update

We are so grateful for your ongoing support, your prayers, and your understanding as we all navigate through these unprecedented times.Production of the leather scriptures sets was interrupted for a time in September due to a storm that caused a power surge, which damaged the gilding machine. Unfortunately, the damage was sufficient that it took nearly 3 weeks to get the parts and make the necessary repairs and calibrations to get it back into operation.Although production continues to be slowed...

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